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I grew up on a 127-year-old family farm in Nebraska. I am the oldest of four children. My father taught me to be chivalrous and instilled in me a fierce work ethic. My mother taught me kindness and how to cook a mean pot roast. My siblings taught me patience, humility, loyalty, and patience. So much patience. All of the patience. I have a corn-fed, lumberjack stature, an air of kind confidence, and a very deep basso profundo.


I’ve always been as eager to dive into the sinew and grit of building a character as the emotional and intellectual challenges presented by the same task. The same grounded feelings of value and accomplishment come over me whether I’m tossing hay bales into my neighbor’s barn or breaking down the beats of a scene for a character’s shifting objectives.


I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with small, ardent theatre companies in New York for over six years. In that time, I have performed in 22 indie and three off-broadway plays, including a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe. I proudly and daily choose to make acting my life and livelihood. I understand that it’s a marathon, not a sprint and all that. I will continue down this path until I die, preferably on stage playing Lear, at the appropriate moment.


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  • Mar072019


    Shakespeare's centuries old condemnation of toxic masculinity is real and relevant in Brooklyn Theater Workshops inaugural production.

  • Oct302017


    This film was created for the Imagine Science Film Festival, Symbiosis Competition. It pairs filmmakers with scientists and a week to write, produce, direct and edit a 5

  • The Trojan Women

    The Trojan Women

    After taking a couple years off...I'm back! Couldn't be more excited to represent 2/3rds of the patriarchy in The New Collectives Trojan Women.

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