Mar 07 2019


About the Show

Shakespeare’s centuries old condemnation of toxic masculinity is real and relevant in Brooklyn Theater Workshops inaugural production.  Join us for a limited run, March 7th – 10th at the Doxsee Theater at Target Margin.  For more information, visit us at

Macbeth – Joie Bauer*
Lady Macbeth – Deb Radloff*
Duncan – Franz Jones*
Macduff – Rafael Jordan*
Lady Macduff/Hecate – Jessica-Brittany Smith
Banquo/Siward – Christopher Alexey Diaz*
1st Witch/Malcom – Haley Sakamoto*
2nd Witch/Fleance/Lennox/Young Siward – Sophie Laruelle
3rd Witch/Donalbain/Angus – Mildred Gil
Captain/Ross – Kolton Bradley*

Director – Ashley Burroughs
Asst. Director – Sam Parrot
Music Director – Thomas Lee
Stage Manager – Julia Geisler*

*appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

March 7-10
Thursday – Sunday


The Doxsee Theater
@ Target Margin

232 52nd St.
Brooklyn, NYC, NY 11220
United States

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Oct 30 2017


About the Short

How far are you willing to go to change your personality?

This film was created for the Imagine Science Film Festival, Symbiosis Competition. This competition pairs filmmakers with scientists and they have one week to write, produce, direct and edit a 5 minute film. This is our production, winner of the Konsonant Music Award.


Featuring: Ashley Burrough and Joie Bauer

Macha Rose

Joel Simon

Rose Ozkan

Sound recordist
Rick Hamilton

Editor and sound design
David Clarke

Extras: Christina Lu, Charles Banda, Kate Bredbenner

Produced by

With the Support of :
Imagine Science Films
Science Sandbox | Simons Foundation

Special Thanks:
Tribeca Film Institute
Konsanant Music
Rockefeller University Simon Lab
Simon Lamps
Chimera Corp.

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The Trojan Women
Oct 10 2017

The Trojan Women

About the Show

In the days following the Trojan War, how do the women find the will to survive as they await their fate at the hands of the conquering Greeks? A story of women’s strength, hope, and community as their lives are uprooted.

Featuring: Joie Bauer*, Ashley Burroughs*, Julia Greer, Erika Grob, Marcie Henderson*, Sam Leichter*, Cerridwyn McCaffrey, Giverny Petitmermet, Portia Lee Rose, Anna Savant, Alejandra Venancio


Directed by Rachel Dart; Dramaturgy by Taylor Beidler; Stage Managed by Melissa Farinelli*; Music by Elizabeth May; Movement by Keri Setaro; Assistant Directed by Alexandra Guhde; Costume Design by Maggie McGrann; Lighting Design by Valerie Insardi; Sound Design by Robert A.K. Gonyo; Set/Prop Design by Dan Morrison

November 1st -18th
Wednesday – Saturday
All shows are at 8:00 pm

Balcony Theater 

The Center at West Park
165 W 86th Street, NY, NY 10024
Subways: 1, B, C to 86th St.
•Please note: theater is not wheelchair accessible•

Tickets: $20  | Online or at the door

Equity approved showcase

For more information please visit The New Collectives website.

Please Note: this play includes on stage violence, direct references to sexual violence, and references to the atrocities committed in war.

*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

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Jan 12 2016

I’ll Never Love Again


I’LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN is a theatrical chamber piece about first love, first heartbreak and how those early teenage experiences haunt the rest of our lives – created from the playwright’s actual high school diary. It’s performed by a chorus of 13 people (!!!!) And it ends in late-night coffee, fellowship and music.



February 24-March 16, 2016

Words by Clare Barron
Music by Stephanie Johnstone

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Oct 23 2015



Crudo and Elsie are a Floridian couple who came together share a troubled pasts and a desire to move forward and away from it. They build their new lives on a foundation of mutual commitment and the reliable structures of Christianity and body-building. When Crudo becomes interested in exploring the sexual side of their relationship, the new experiences prove dangerous to them both. The cement of their repressed selves cracks open, and their lives  unexpected trajectories. The story of repression and transformation they experience is told through dance and textually saturated scenes.



Emma Stanton is a theatre artist working in Chicago and New York. She has worked with many of the Chicago’s best theater companies, including Redmoon Theater, American Theatre Company, About Face Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Victory Gardens Theater, Oracle Theater, and Walkabout  Theatre Company (of which she is Associate Artistic Director.) In 2014, she was a semifinalist for a Princess Grace Award for her play Bojko and the Glacier. Her play No Candy will be performed at the Pershing Square Signature  theatre as part of Columbia University’s graduate thesis festival in spring of 2016.



General Admission
$12 in advance
$15 at the door

Students / Seniors

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Sep 23 2015

Hail Oblivion: A Pirate Fantasia

A raucous concert of songs from HAIL OBLIVION
by Joshua William Gelb and Stephanie Johnstone!
**October 12th, one night only, two performances***
First show at 7, Second show at 9:30


Buy your ($10) ticket in advance and get a free download code for the HAIL OBLIVION concept album (to be released January 2016)! Tickets live at:


The cast!
Bryce Pinkham, Rick Burkhardt, Ato Blankson-Wood!
Amber Gray, Nicole Weiss, Eliza Poehlman!
Julian Fleisher, Alex Birnie, Jabari Brisport, Dan Safer!
Brian DeCaluwe, Joshua Hinck, Elias Spector-Zabusky!
Andrew Butler and a chorus of multitudes of additional pirates!


The band!
Blake Allen, John Murchison, Beau Edmonson, Dennis Sullivan and Katrina Yaukey!


HAIL OBLIVION is an epic pirate adventure that unfurls across the globe and across centuries as three ordinary men from three different eras are connected by the Sirens’ call to the open sea. From the Bahamas (1717), where Major Stede Bonnet deserts his family overnight to become a pirate, to Hollywoodland (1943), where Errol Flynn is arrested and exonerated in a very public statutory rape case, to present day Seattle, where a young advertising executive attempts to sell a luxury cruise in light of a recent Somali-Pirate hostage crisis, this swashbuckling fantasia features a roller coaster score of sea-shanties, jazz, and rock. This outlandish and provocative new piece of music theater takes on our cultural infatuation with piracy, challenging the tantalizing prospect of shedding moral, legal, and social obligations in pursuit of individual freedom upon the high seas.

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Sep 15 2015

Julliard Callback!!

Just found out I made final callbacks for the Juilliard MFA Acting program. I will join 50 actors (25 MFA / 25 BFA) out of 2200 for a three day callback workshop weekend. Regardless of what happens it will be an amazing experience.


Juilliard facilitated one of the most generous, exhausting, playful, heart-breaking, selfless, inspiring, soul-shaking weekends I have had the privilege of experiencing. My artistic soul is renewed.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett

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May 29 2014

Play for Today: West Lethargy

west_lethargyToday is the birthday of the excellent actor Joie Bauer (who you can follow on Facebook). Joie has appeared in a number of plays featured on Indie Theater Now, but today, in his honor, we shine the spotlight on the very first one I ever saw him in, which is West Lethargy by Stephen Kaliski.


In West Lethargy, Joie played Ringle, a man who has come west, with his wife Nugget, at least partly to try to find Nugget’s brother, who has disappeared in this nameless area in the middle of America on his way to California. Ringle and Nugget chance to meet another couple, Ellie and Turner, who likewise has stopped in this place, perhaps only temporarily–or perhaps they will go to California themselves.


Steve’s play is filled with enigmas and mysteries as it ponders some of the myths and truths at the root of this country of ours. In my review, which I wrote after seeing West Lethargy at FringeNYC back in 2010, I wrote:

West Lethargy's characters sometimes seem like they should be archetypal, but they're not; they're as individual as Americans are supposed to be, and they each have their own strong desires to invent themselves and their own mythologies. Sometimes this allows for connection among them and sometimes it makes for an ineffable kind of aloneness.

And here’s Steve himself on the themes of the play:

Like the four siblings of Three Sisters and the talking heads of Beckett, the two couples of West Lethargy can richly imagine their destinations, but when it comes to actually moving their feet, they’re left looking out the window, confined by that pervasive longing that so defines this theatre of the stuck. These stories remind us that planning an endpoint is not the easiest step of the journey. In fact, it can be the most suffocating.

West Lethargy is fascinating and filled with beautiful, lyrical writing. It also owed much of its success to its strong cast, which included, in addition to Joie Bauer,  Jeffrey Feola, Graham Halstead, Mikaela Feely-Lehmann and Suzanne Lenz. I hope you will check it out on Indie Theater Now!

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Sep 28 2013

Reasons Y “I’m Single”


About being SINGLE, OVER 35 & UNDER Fabulous

Joan, Doris and Gina are unlikely friends that met decades ago at BANANA SPLITS summer camp. Banana Splits is a therapy group for kids of divorce. Now in their 30s and living in NYC the women share experiences and wonder Y they are single.

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